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Custom training solutions for the entire product learning lifecycle

Our robust, custom clinical training solutions ensure your team knows the science they need to communicate your scientific product or service’s value confidently. They also keep your audience engaged with innovative learning tools and targeted retention strategies.

No more unengaging, cookie-cutter scientific training materials.

Whether you lead a commercial sales team or present complex science to clinicians as a medical science liaison, you know there are effective and ineffective ways to communicate deep therapeutic knowledge.

It’s possible to present scientific information as it is: dense, bland, and perhaps even overwhelming.

However, conveying complex science is key to advocating your organization’s product or services to clinicians. You can’t afford for your training and presentation materials to be anything less than accessible and engaging.

How does life sciences training become accessible and engaging?

Through a combination of creative instructional design strategies and innovative training tools.

You don’t need to be an education technology expert, creative director, or instructional design expert for your training and presentation tools to look like you are.

All you need is to delegate your life sciences training and presentation materials to the right scientific and instructional design experts.

Springer Healthcare Training’s custom life sciences training solutions have you covered.

How does Springer Healthcare Training craft accessible and engaging life sciences training solutions for you and your team?

You bring us information about your clinical context and target audience. Our team of instructional design experts applies our approach to life sciences learning solutions to your unique use case.

The result? Innovative and engaging life sciences training content – customized to wherever your team is in their learning journey.

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Foundational scientific training to get your team up to speed.

You know how impactful your commercial sales force can be.

Each time they meet with clinicians, they’re making healthcare more effective. They help providers change a behavior, reconsider their prescribing methods, or adopt a product or device a certain way.

At their best, they’re changing the clinical landscape one clinical conversation at a time.

However, for them to be that effective, you need to build their aptitude for complex science.

Members of your sales force may have a life sciences master’s concentrating in your therapeutic area or a bachelor’s in business. Still, they’ll need training to get up to speed.

They already have skills that make you confident they’ll do a great job. You know they can represent your organization’s products or services to your clinician audience.

However, to truly be effective, they’ll need to be comfortable with the specific, deep therapeutic knowledge your organization handles. Wherever your team members are in their respective scientific comprehension levels, they’ll need to get on the same page.

To get them there, you’ll need life sciences training tools that ease your learners into your clinical area of expertise – your clinical foundations.

Foundational training tools we’ve implemented for previous clients include:

  • eLearning Tools
  • mLearning Tools
  • Interactive PDF Modules
  • Video Training and Presentations

These foundational solutions pair your team’s specific learning goals with our expertise in scientific instructional design and engagement strategies. An educational combination this distinctive will prepare them efficiently.

Engaging training tools that encourage your audience to apply the scientific knowledge they’re learning.

Training your life sciences sales force on the knowledge they’ll use working with clinicians isn’t the same as actually being in the field and using that knowledge.

But what if your scientific training materials could help them feel like they were?

You know your organization’s therapeutic offerings really shine when they’re applied to clinical practice. When they’re actually improving patient care.

Medical science is all about practice and experience. 

So, why shouldn’t your team’s scientific training also keep application front of mind?

Effective training protocols help learners experience the information by applying it in multifaceted ways. This is especially true when the subject matter is as complex as your deep clinical knowledge.

You need scientific training solutions that will keep your team engaged and consistently applying their takeaways – whether you’re training them in-person or virtually. 

Application-focused training tools we’ve implemented for previous clients include:

  • Meeting Prework
  • Live Workshops
  • Live Virtual Training
  • Augmented Reality
  • Vocalization Apps

Our approach to scientific training solutions pairs your complex science with engaging, innovative methods of using knowledge in real-time. As your team uses what they learn through our training materials, they’ll be able to apply that knowledge in the real world. 

When your sales team regularly applies their deep therapeutic knowledge, your organization’s work will reach more people and improve healthcare settings.

Achieve mastery of your life sciences material via learning solutions that keep the information fresh.

As your pharmaceutical or medical device sales force learns the clinical knowledge they need to communicate with clinicians masterfully, you must ensure they stay on top of their game.

Your organization’s success depends on the constant innovation in the life sciences industry. It allows you to continue providing the best products and devices for the healthcare industry.

Continuous scientific advancement in your industry also means you need strategies for keeping your team up to date – on where your industry is today and tomorrow. 

At the same time, you’re staying vigilant to ensure what they’ve already learned doesn’t go stale.

Scientific learning works best when you reinforce old concepts and stay ahead of the curve.

Luckily, there’s a scientific training solution for reinforcing and practicing scientific learning, too – whatever your clinical context may be.

These training tools will keep your team in the know – so they can be the best at helping your organization improve healthcare through innovation.

Mastery-focused training tools we’ve implemented for previous clients include:

  • Digital Magazines
  • Coaching Tools
  • KOL VideoBytes & Podcasts
  • Clinical Trials Compendium
  • Journal Clubs
  • Microlearning
  • Infographics