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29 May 2020
Congratulations to Nature for receiving 2 honors at the 24th Annual Webby Awards! In the NetArt category, Nature brought home not one, but two honors for their 150th Anniversary website. Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby ...more
Springer Healthcare Training: 5 tips to optimize your connection with your field teams during quarantine
16 Apr 2020
With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and resulting ripple effect that’s been felt by workforces around the globe, we find ourselves adapting our training practices to better accommodate our new work environments – many of which are virtual. The concept of working remotely is surely familiar to sales and field medical teams. However, the current challenge is in ...more
Springer Healthcare Training: Best eLearning Practices
16 Apr 2020
1. Showing animation plus text plus audio narration creates cognitive overload and content redundancy. So what pairs better with animation? According to the modality principle, people learn better when grouping an animation with audio narration rather than animation with text. Why? Based on cognitive theory and research evidence, learners may experience ...more
Springer Healthcare Training's Lori Salamida
16 Apr 2020
Meet Lori Salamida, Springer Healthcare’s Lead Instructional Designer, as she shares strategies for implementing sound learning solutions. Q: What kinds of things does Springer Healthcare consider when formulating learning recommendations? LS: The kinds of things we consider can vary depending on whether we’re making a recommendation for a discrete ...more