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Surgeon Prepared to Operate
09 Dec 2020
It would be impossible to practice medicine in today’s world without picking up a medical journal or participating in continuing medical education courses. But what do we know about unlearning? In pedagogy (the study of learning), unlearning refers to the process of intentionally ignoring information that was previously retained. A 2017 study by Gupta et al addressed this topic and examined how the physician unlearns. Naturally, some interesting trends emerged. ...more
16 Oct 2020
One of my favorite questions to answer when first meeting someone is, “What do you do?” The titular answer of “medical writer” doesn’t fully encapsulate what I really do and why I’m passionate about it. My career is at the interface of science, medicine, and communication. It’s not enough to understand the basic research and clinical studies that are revolutionizing patient care; the impact of these findings ...more