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Where Science Meets Instructional Design

Global Life Science Experts and
Industry Training Leaders

We are experts in conveying complex
science through the most engaging deliverable

Who is Springer Healthcare Training?

We’re a team of life science experts dedicated to delivering unique learning experiences through instructional design. Springer Healthcare Training is trusted by the most prominent brands in the life sciences industry to impart their complex science effectively. We are dedicated to a white-glove client service experience. Thus, ensuring your training solutions represent you and the science you work with accurately and in an engaging way.

Driven to wield our proven best practices and resources to help you be the best in your field.

Our team’s scientific and instructional expertise helps your team succeed.

We have the backing of over a century’s worth of scientific excellence from Springer Nature Group. Our team’s custom-tailored instructional design is the secret weapon you need to bring your training materials to the next level. 

When you work with us, we see ourselves as vested members of your team.

Balancing a big-name history of success with an intimate, client-centered approach – that’s why our clients turn to us for their internal life sciences training needs.

In any case, we know your products, science, and audience are all unique. Thus, we approach our work with you accordingly – with a unique one-on-one strategy to develop your personalized solutions from day one.

Our success depends on your success. 

We’ll use our expertise and custom-tailored approach to ensure your life sciences training materials get the job done effectively.

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