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Our LTEN Members (LtoR): Matt DeMatteo, James Smith, Mark Menichini, and David Braca

Investing in Yourself with LTEN Membership

Contributed by: Mark Menichini, Business Development Director

I was onsite with a client yesterday, and the topic of conversation evolved from friendly chit-chat into an engaging discussion on the LTEN Annual Meeting 2022. Even though the conference ended over a month ago, this client not only remembered the relevant key takeaways, but they were also actively implementing these new best practices. How many of us can say that after attending a conference?

Are you responsible for training, leadership, and development for the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device industry? Did you attend the LTEN Conference 2022?

If you answer ‘yes’ to the first question, I certainly hope you also said ‘yes’ to second one. If not, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Having worked in the training space as a clinical content provider for 14 years, it’s puzzling to me how people stop investing in their ongoing professional development when they join or transition into their company’s training department. Of course it’s possible to learn from fellow colleagues, but there are so many novel ideas and continuous learning opportunities available beyond the office walls. It’s these limitless learning opportunities and cutting-edge evidence-based ideas that you can gain by becoming an active member of LTEN.

It’s these limitless learning opportunities and cutting-edge evidence-based ideas that you can gain by becoming an active member of LTEN.

The LTEN community is an enthusiastic network of professionals dedicated to be the best in their field, and showed up to this year’s conference with renewed momentum.  The attendance was remarkable, making this year’s conference one of the most well attended LTEN events ever. Approximately half of the attendees were new to the training space, while the other half were tenured, seasoned professionals. The exhibit hall was bustling with a variety of vendors, that together, spanned all aspects of the health and medical science training space.


There were also a wide range of workshop offerings ranging from 60 to 90 minutes in length and covered topics from Training 101 to full-scale companywide education efforts. In addition, there were 20-minute “micro-learning labs” that addressed a variety of emerging hot topics or trends. These micro-learning labs provided learners with a 30,000-foot view of a topic or particular challenge along with tips and relevant problem solving tactics.

Our talented colleague, Lori Salamida, led one such lab, which was focused on the benefits of using a visual abstract as a means to both reach and engage the non-scientific learner. It was brilliant! How many of you have learners that struggle with grasping key information or find complex scientific or medical content intimidating? Read Lori’s blog post for more insight into the inspiration for our graphic abstract solutions.

There are a lot more benefits to LTEN membership beyond the annual meeting. Take a look to learn more and join the LTEN community today! 

Remember, it is always important to invest in yourself and always be willing to learn. An LTEN membership would help you to prioritize continual professional growth and provide invaluable, limitless, engaging learning resources for you and your team.

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Mark Menichini

Business Development Director

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