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Ready to discuss how our custom life sciences training solutions can fit your needs?

Don’t waste any more time and resources on training materials that don’t fit your team and your purpose.

Ensure your scientific training and presentation solutions are:

  • Accurately reflecting your deep therapeutic knowledge
  • Personalized for your team and/or client audiences
  • Full of engaging, creative presentation strategy
  • On the cutting edge of remote learning technology


Mark Menichini

Business Development Director

Join us in creating more engaging and innovative scientific training and presentations for the life sciences industry.

If you’re ready to join the ranks of our project partners below, get in touch today.

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    When you work with Springer Healthcare Training, we respect the trust you put in us to develop your custom scientific training materials. 

    Once you fill out the above contact form, a member of our team will be in touch with you to begin a conversation about your life sciences training and presentation needs.

    We believe one-on-one attention through our communication with you will lead to better work from us and more effective results for you. Our relationship with you will translate into a tailored experience for your audience – no cookie-cutter solutions here.

    You can expect to meet individually with a Springer Healthcare Training team member to discuss your business, the audience for your scientific training materials, and the right solutions for you.

    On this call, you’ll receive an inside look at the different kinds of solutions we can offer you. This will then lead to our custom recommendation for your project.

    Whether you’re looking for asynchronous training, omnichannel strategies, or more engaging scientific presentations, we’ll partner with you to craft a tailored solution that you’ll love – from start to finish.

    Whatever your needs, we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. We can’t wait to hear from you.

    Our scientific training expertise is available on a regional or global scale, always agile and compliant.

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    The Campus
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    +44 1829 772756


    Tokyo 105-6005 JP
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    (Serving Benelux)
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    +31 306 383744

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    México City 03920 MX
    +52 55 5482 8370

    São Paulo

    Rua Arizona
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    São Paulo 04567-003 BR
    +55 11 4613 1021

    Frequently asked questions about our custom healthcare training solutions (FAQs)

    Does Springer Healthcare Training offer off-the-shelf training tools?
    Our team ensures that every solution is custom developed to deliver the best targeted learning solution to meet your budget and achieve your goals.

    What about soft skills training?
    We consider our training services to be specialized with scientific expertise at the core of every solution. We steep complex scientific concepts in creative instructional design, ensuring that all of the science is transformed into an engaging learning experience. 

    How do you offer such a customizable range of scientific learning solutions?
    Our internal teams not only create the most scientifically accurate and conceptually compelling content for your learners, they also expertly identify the best technology to complement your engagement strategy. We draw this technology from our longstanding relationships with trusted developers.

    Do you offer life sciences training and presentation services outside of the United States?
    Yes, we do! With the help of additional Springer Healthcare offices around the globe, we are able to scale our solutions for local or global reach. Contact us to discuss your goals and we’ll pull together the team to make it happen. You can view our full list of office locations here.

    What other services does Springer Healthcare provide?
    Training is just one area of expertise for Springer Healthcare. Visit our Springer Healthcare company site for the full range of services offered by our global teams, including:

    Have you returned to in-person meetings?
    According to the comfort level of our employees and local regulations, we have begun to return to in-person meetings. This status will adjust as circumstances change.

    Will Springer Healthcare Training be in attendance at the LTEN Annual Conference?
    Yes, you will find our team at LTEN. If you would like to arrange a meeting in advance, contact us at or find us on site in the Learning Village Exhibit Hall.

    Are you hiring?
    To find out more about available positions, visit the Springer Nature Group Success Factors site, filter results by your preferred location and brand (set to Springer Healthcare), and there you will find opportunities to join our team.

    Have a question we didn’t answer? Fill out the contact form above, and we’ll see how we can help.