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Image of the Springer Healthcare Training team, sporting white lab coats at our booth in LTEN conference centre
23 Jun 2023
Delighted to share this exciting news, we proudly announce our recent triumph in the prestigious Industry Partnership Award. This achievement serves as a testament to our relentless dedication to forging strong industry collaborations. Driving positive transformations in life science training. We feel honored to receive recognition for our achievements. ...more
Girl exploring the web for delicious recipes
08 Aug 2022
When 2020 threw us all for a loop with the pandemic and pivot after pivot, I couldn’t help but think about the wellbeing of our team and how to keep our spirits up. Fortunately, I am lucky to have an awesome team that was just as interested in prioritizing our camaraderie. ...more
Group of business persons handshake in the office
04 Aug 2022
One of the main factors that sets Springer Healthcare Training apart from other learning providers is our rich publishing heritage of over 180 years. Springer Nature publishes tens of thousands of textbooks and journals touching nearly every therapeutic area in science & medicine. That publishing heritage provides a conduit to our many authors and has cultivated many medical society relationships both in the US and abroad. ...more
Our LTEN Members (LtoR): Matt DeMatteo, James Smith, Mark Menichini, and David Braca
04 Aug 2022
I was onsite with a client yesterday, and the topic of conversation evolved from friendly chit-chat into an engaging discussion on the LTEN Conference 2022. Even though the conference ended over a month ago, this client not only remembered the relevant key takeaways, but they were also actively implementing these new best practices. How many of us can say that after attending a conference? ...more