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When your team needs critical medical-science training, it’s essential that you partner with a company from that world … a company with a proven reputation and track record of achieving the desired results. We operate on a global scale, drawing upon our worldwide network of medical writers, scientific resources, and creative talent that spans all scientific, medical, and learning disciplines. This means that our custom approach to solving your team’s needs is guaranteed to feature our top specialists with the most highly focused expertise available – it’s an exceptional advantage.


Mark Menichini

Business Development Director

Springer Healthcare Training Audience

With high science delivered through innovative training solutions, sales professionals can use their new knowledge to build credibility with clinicians.

Modules and foundational training

  • Interactive and Live Events
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Journal Clubs
  • Launch Programs
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Digital Magazines
  • Thought-Leader Insights
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality

To drive meaningful outcomes, MSLs must manage compelling conversations that highlight the challenges in today’s medical practices.

Springer Healthcare Training understands the importance of MSLs in today’s pharmaceutical environment, including their role in engaging healthcare professionals in high-science conversations. MSLs have a strong science foundation, but their performance can be enhanced through targeted learning efforts focused on products, patients, physician challenges and presentation tools. The training solutions we develop are backed by our parent company, Springer Nature, a trusted provider of scientific and medical publications. Building upon this relationship, Springer Healthcare Training specializes in creating custom solutions across all therapy areas that support your MSLs.

Maximize the impact of your MSLs with the right training tools

  • Custom Presentation Content
  • Leading Scientific Resources
  • Intuitive Digital Tools
  • Effective Instructional Design

Our instructional design expertise positions your learners to grasp everything from basic human anatomy through to complex surgical procedures. Springer Healthcare Training elevates the surgical understanding of your sales force by combining our high-science approach to developing training content with creative learning solutions.

Maximize the impact of your team with the right training tools

  • Creative Solutions
  • Medical & Scientific Expertise
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Targeted Instructional Design

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