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Whether you lead a pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device commercial team, or MedAffairs team with Medical Science Liaisons – our training solutions will increase their confidence and authority in communicating complex science.

Find out more about our unique training approach for your specialized team below. 


Mark Menichini

Business Development Director

Exclusively Serving the Life Sciences Industry

Focus on building credibility with clinicians. We’ll handle your pharmaceutical sales team training.

Your organization’s products and offerings have the power to improve global healthcare. 

It all starts with getting the proper treatments to the right patients in the right ways. The key is working with clinicians who see those patients. 

Through that collaboration, your organization’s life sciences expertise springs into action. It improves prescribing methods, treatment adherence, and, in the end, patient outcomes.

Your pharmaceutical sales team brings that expertise to clinicians directly. To do that with authority, they need a deep therapeutic understanding of those clinicians’ work.

Your scientific training gives them confidence and credibility in their clinician communication.

Springer Healthcare Training’s tailor-made solutions help your team: 

  • Establish the scientific foundations they need – to set them apart from others in your field with a personalized, top-tier structure.  
  • Help them build upon those foundations – to grow confident in the clinical disciplines they handle.

Our training is uniquely designed to deliver these results to your team. 

Empower your product leaders with training that meets your momentum. Our targeted training is built to fuel the latest innovations.

Our deep scientific knowledge, bridging all therapeutic applications, paired with our singular focus on the life sciences industry, elevates our capability to put the most revolutionary learning into context.

You need a partner that can keep up with the science, and we’re that partner. 


Your medical device sales force needs scientific understanding. We make their training clinically accurate and engaging.

13 years.

That’s the minimum amount of post-secondary professional training it takes to become a surgeon – from an undergraduate degree through residency.

That’s also many years of memorization, on-the-job experience, and professional authority-building the average new surgeon has under their belt.

When your medical device sales force interacts with surgical clinicians, they don’t have the on-the-job experience those clinicians have built over the years. 

However, your medical device sales force aren’t amateurs. They’re armed with your custom scientific training.

As an MSL, you already have scientific expertise. Our training brings you to the next level in your clinical communication.

When you meet with clinicians as a medical science liaison, they understand they’re meeting with a peer in scientific understanding.

You’ve had the scientific training to be confident and authoritative in portraying the science accurately. You trust the clinicians you present to see that as well.

However, having scientific expertise doesn’t necessarily mean you are an excellent presenter. It also doesn’t mean you have the tools to effectively illustrate your recommendations. 

You have the clinical knowledge down, but do you know how to organize your high-science conversations to be genuinely engaging? 

Will it communicate what you want it to to your clinician audience? 

Or will they walk away confident that you know the science but unsure why they should care?

Your scientific presentations need strategic, creative storytelling to engage your clinician audiences and help them understand why your organization’s work matters.

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