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Your Scientific Expertise – Communicated with Innovation and Customizability.

Springer Healthcare Training helps your team convey complex clinical ideas to medical professionals with accuracy and authenticity. Each of our training solutions blends proven learning strategies with the unequaled scientific heritage of Springer Nature, one of the world’s leading medical publishers. Offering full service  internal training support for the entire product lifecyclefrom concept and design, to delivery and beyondexclusively for the life sciences industry.

Communicating complex science doesn’t need to be unengaging and one-size-fits-all.

Whether you’re an industry clinical expert or preparing your team to present to clinicians, you understand the catch-22 of scientific communication.

Either you sacrifice scientific complexity, or you sacrifice engagement and accessibility.

At Springer Healthcare Training, we say: not anymore.

As you present clinical information to medical providers or life sciences field representatives, you have many factors to consider:

  • Is the science accurate?
  • Is the delivery engaging?
  • Is the format accessible for different audiences and learners?
  • Is it possible to achieve all of these goals at once?

When you opt for custom scientific learning materials from Springer Healthcare Training, the answer to all of those questions is yes.

Ready to level up your life sciences training? Start here.

If you’re going to spend money and time training your life sciences salesforce on the scientific knowledge needed to portray how amazing your products are, you need them not just to hear it, but internalize it. 

That way, they’ll walk into meetings with clinician stakeholders confident, ready to speak on their scientific level.

If you’re presenting deep clinical knowledge on your company’s products to clinicians as an MSL, you already know the science on your slides is accurate. But will your provider audience retain and engage with your presentation structure?

When you apply proven instructional design techniques to your internal training program with our guidance, you know they’ll be engaged and nodding along.

Most importantly, in this increasingly digital world, odds are you’re communicating a high volume of complex science to an audience across platforms and time zones. 

So, you need your life sciences training and materials to meet your learners and audience – wherever they are.

When your team succeeds at accurate and engaging scientific communication, we know we’ve done our job.

After all, your team’s scientific expertise and authority are essential to what you do. Leave it to us to creatively illustrate that.

Why Springer Healthcare Training?

We know that deep therapeutic knowledge is challenging to communicate.

As leaders in the life sciences industry, our clients must present complex clinical information to healthcare providers and a variety of internal representatives alike. 

However, to drive the science home, they need to account for getting the science right and ensuring it’s delivered in an engaging and accessible structure and format.

That’s where we come in.

As part of Springer Nature, we draw from over a century’s worth of world-renowned scientific heritage. You know that you’re working with top-of-the-line scientific experts when you work with us.

At the same time, we prioritize innovation and customizability in the scientific training and presentation materials we create for our clients. We’ll ensure the way your team learns and communicates your science fits your unique context and audience. We know one size doesn’t fit all.


Springer Healthcare Training’s Unrivaled Development Formula

So your scientific communication and training materials match your learners – not the other way around.

When you work with us, your materials are not just scientifically accurate – they’re innovatively designed to engage your specific audience. 

We achieve these custom, effective results through our three pillars of development:


We are experts at conveying complex science


Leveraging instructional design
in every learning solution


Uniquely engaging all learners
to reach your goals

Scientific Integrity

We draw upon Springer Nature’s 180+ years of experience conveying complex science to the world. When you work with Springer Healthcare Training, you can count on the authority of a world-leading publishing technology business – home to some of the best-known names in research, educational, and professional publishing.

Wherever your business lies in the vast life sciences industry, we’ll meet you there on the relevant deep clinical knowledge. Working with us, you’ll have creative scientific presentations and effective training support from scientific experts.

Learn more about our history in the life sciences industry.

Instructional Design

Whether presenting slides to clinicians or educating field trainees with gamified microlearning, we’ll work with you one-on-one to illustrate the science with a strategy that’s just right for you. 

The cutting edge of asynchronous training and omnichannel learning strategies applied to your scientific context. That’s what you can count on when you work with us.

Plus, with pandemic-induced changes to where and how your workforce and clients interact with your materials, you need instructional design that adapts to the demands of digital learning.

Learn more about our digital learning and presentation design approach.

Engagement Factor

Regardless of format, you know the way you convey science needs to be engaging and accessible. 

We take all kinds of learners into account as we craft the perfect solution for your audience – whoever and wherever they may be. 

Are you presenting live workshops to providers or giving pre-meeting study materials to trainees? We have solutions for that.

Or maybe all of your learners are in different timezones and need to learn both asynchronously and in smaller doses over an extended period. Ask us about our microlearning, VideoBytes, and eLearning solutions.

Have a unique scientific training or presentation use case we haven’t mentioned yet? We probably have a custom solution for that, too.

Innovation in scientific learning and presentation, strategically custom-made for you – and the audience you know best. 

That’s what you get when you work with us.

Our custom solutions by the numbers:

learning modules
digital magazines
scientific insights
KOL engagement solutions


Augmented Reality, Virtual Hospitals, Home Study Solutions, Meeting Pre-Work, Launch Programs, Custom Presentations, and more

Our custom life sciences training solutions are trusted by:

While spanning the entire life sciences industry, our clients share the common value of effective and engaging scientific communication. We’re proud to serve them.